Learn photoshop cs6 for mac

Learn to download and install Photoshop CC or CS6 as part of your or Apple menu bar (Mac OS), to open the Creative Cloud desktop app.
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Install Photoshop CS6

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Click on the double arrows in the gray title bar area above the Tools panel to bring the Tools panel into the two-column view. Click on the double arrows again to bring the Tools panel back to the default, single-column view. Keep the Tools panel set to whichever format works best for you. With the selection of most tools comes the opportunity to change options.

In this exercise, you will have the opportunity to use the new-and-improved Brush tool and change its options to become even more powerful. Look in the Options bar to see a variety of options you can change. Brush Preset Picker. Painting Mode. Note that by default, your brush is loaded with black paint.

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The paint color is indicated at the bottom of your Tools panel in the Foreground and Background color swatches. If you have not reset preferences, you might have a different color in your foreground.

Install photoshop cs6 in mac for free 2018

Color Pane. Color Slider. Using the Color Picker, you are able to select a blue color that you will use to brighten up the sky.

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Keep in mind that, depending upon the destination of your image, you might not be able to achieve the same color of blue that you see in the screen. Click OK. Click once in the blue section of the Color Slider, and then choose a bright blue color from the Color Pane.

Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts: Mac

Now you will change some of the Brush tool options in the Options bar at the top of the workspace. There are several options that you can change; for now you will focus on two. This is now a large soft brush that will blend well at the edges of the strokes. In the next step, you will paint and then undo it. This is to help you understand the concept of blending and how it can make a difference when you paint. Note that you have created a large opaque streak. Select Color from the bottom of the list.

You see that the result is quite different and you are brightening the sky. Click and drag to paint blue in the upper-right corner of the image. Keep this file open for the next part of this lesson. Continue to the next Photoshop Tutorial: See available Photoshop Classes and learn from the expert instructors at American Graphics Institute.

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