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How to Create a Basic Contact Group in Mac OS X Lion Launch the Address Book application by double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder or clicking.
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Where else in the Mac OS X user interface is text colour a form of selection highlighting? The nearly universal way of highlighting a selection is to change its background colour. To highlight the selected card or cards, Address Book 6 changes not just the text colour, but also the background colour, to a light shade of blue.

But it does not do that for groups. In previous versions of Address Book, you could hold the Option key down while a specific card was displayed. This would highlight in yellow the parent group or groups to which the card belonged. If you want to do this now, you first have to switch back to the view with the groups on the left and the list contacts on the right, so that groups are actually visible.

Then holding the Option key down still works, but the parent group s are highlighted in the same faint way as the highlighting used for selection, i. And of course because of the new skeuomorphic design, the number of groups visible at any given time on the left is smaller than it used to be, even if you make the window as big as you can.

What justification can there be for deprecating the Groups feature like this? But is that really an excuse?

Did Apple really have to make the Groups feature in Address Book more difficult to use because of this? What is gained by removing groups from view?

Contacts or address book: Either way, be sure to back up the data

Yes, it now looks very much like the Contacts app in iOS, but is that a sign of progress? To me, it is just a sign of dumbing things down and catering to the lowest common denominator. And, despite appearances, it does not even work the same way. More on that below. If you have more than eight photos of a contact, you can use arrows at the bottom of the photo pop-up window to scroll through the others.

Find a picture you like, click on it, and then you get the standard picture window in which you can pan and zoom the image, apply effects, then choose it with a click of the Set button. Acknowledging the importance of social networking, Apple has added two new fields to Address Book. The first is Twitter. Click on Send Tweet instead and it opens Twitter with a new message to that contact. Besides a new look, Address Book also offers new fields for social networking user names.

Restoring Address Book data

Click to enlarge. The second new field is called Profile. For Flickr accounts, the pop-up gives you a single View Photostream option that opens in a browser.

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But if you click on those customer profiles, nothing will happen. Apple says Address Book offers improved syncing with Yahoo contacts. Changes made to contacts are immediately reflected in both Address Book and in your Yahoo address book, and you can view just your Yahoo contacts by selecting Yahoo from the Groups page. You can now add birthdays to contacts without having to include the year.

But when you do add a year, the upcoming age now shows up in your iCal Birthday calendars.

OSX LION: Apple Address book & google contacts sync - Gmail ความช่วยเหลือ

You can start a FaceTime call from Address Book by clicking on the label Home, Work, and so on next to an email address and choosing FaceTime from the pop-up menu. Lion's new Mission Control is supposed to be "command central" for your apps, a melding of Expose While there's much that's new in Lion, there are also some old familiars, including the Finder, Part of the process of integrating your Mac with Facebook involves downloading your Facebook friends' information to your Mac Contacts application.

Mac OS X 106: Address Book - 3. Editing an existing card

After you download that information from Facebook, a profile link for each of your friends displays in the address book. To remove the link, you must disable the downloading of Facebook friends' information to your Mac Contacts application. Several options exist for disabling contacts -- remove Facebook contact completely, delete the link only and keep your contacts, or remove the Facebook integration with your Mac.

Select the "Contacts" menu.

How to Give Address Book A Clean and Simple Look in Lion

Select "Preferences" and click the "Accounts" tab. Uncheck the "Enable This Account" box to remove only the profile links from your Contacts book while keeping the contact information intact.