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fix macOS sierra wifi problems by trashing wireless preferences But what if your wi-fi is still dropping, still slow, still losing a wi-fi connection in macOS Sierra and going further back to many prior Mac OS X releases too.
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How to Fix Any Macbook Pro WiFi or Bluetooth Problem

I am one of the users who have this symptom. In my case inch MacBook Pro with Retina display , the length of the delay varies. When I initially check the Wi-Fi menu while waiting for a reconnect, no network names appear.

After a while, my previously connected network—as well as any other nearby networks—eventually do show up. A successful reconnect typically occurs shortly thereafter. Your Wi-Fi menu may stay like this for several minutes after your Mac wakes up—before it finally reconnects with your local network. But I could not find any consistent pattern here. After some further experimentation I found that, if I use the Wi-Fi menu commands to turn Wi-Fi off and back on, a successful connection occurs almost immediately. Jun 7, PM.

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This worked! OMG, thanks!

Slow Wi-Fi After macOS Sierra Update? Tips to Fix It

Jul 4, PM. Jul 5, PM. Jul 29, PM. Aug 6, AM. Aug 14, AM in response to crynus In response to crynus. Wow this worked for me too. All night I kept Pinging my Router and seeing that from my brand new 15" Macbook Pro I would get such random ping times out of 4 it would be 1,ms - ms. Then on my iphone 7 right next to it nothing longer than 70ms. So I was so frustrated I was about to take this computer back.

Saw this post and thought what the heck I'll give it a try. I'm at a Starbucks and noticing that my Macbook can't seem to get anything faster than 5m down and 1m up. But again my iphone is rocking 50 down and 5 up. I have no idea how those specific files were tracked down to be the issue.

But Im curious now. But maybe not so curious as now I can finally enjoy the speed of wifi. Aug 14, AM. Aug 15, PM in response to foussouf In response to foussouf. My iPhone rocks at 49meg down 5 up and on the 5G network right next to it my MBP rocking down and like 0.

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It's so horrible that when I'm working at coffee shops when I use the local network again my phone logs on the local wifi and no issues something always around 10 down and up. And again my MBP runs at nearly half that or less. The only way I can get speed out of my MBP with wifi is to use the thunderbolt connection between my phone and the computer and use the hotspot as a wired device.

Problems Once Connected

Basically using the phone's antenna and using up data on my phone providers hot spot. But if I don't I can hardly work on such slow wifi network speed. Also, weird thing is that when I ping the router of whatever network I'm on its ping lag is terrible. To test this theory I put both my laptop and my iPhone 7 next to each other about 15ft away from the Wireless router.

As you'll see I have ms times and even ms ping times. I see one test as low as 2ms. But that's a huge variance especially since the majority of the time I'm around ms on my MBP. My average ping was 6ms! That's significantly slower on my MBP. And I test this out where ever I go.

How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi in Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)

Hoping it's just my router or something else. But it happens everywhere. I'm starting to think at this point it's hardware related.

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