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Restrict which discards the traffic and sends a SNMP message but keeps the port Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address d0-ba
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Will this allow 1 static MAC on the whole 24 port switch no matter where that MAC is plugged in or does it allow the first MAC plugged into each port on a per-port basis? In your example, the range command is used - which means on all 24 ports, each can learn one mac address as the maximum mac is set to 1.

I am planning to secure all our none used switch ports in our Cisco Catalyst for a security risks and stop our IT members to put different devices to a different VLANs.

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I have few ideas but I would appreciated if someone have any suggestions and done things like that before. Find A Community. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean: All community This category. Cisco Community: Technology and Support: Networking Documents: How to configure port security on Cisco Enterprise Routing Updates and Futures Briefing. What's new. SD-WAN in 2 mins. Product Demos. LAN Switching and Routing. By default, the switchport security feature is disabled on all switchports and must be enabled.

A security violation occurs if the maximum number of secure MAC addresses have been added to the address table and the port receives traffic from a MAC address that is not in the address table. You can configure the port for one of three violation modes: See the "Configuring Port Security" section. To ensure that an attached device has the full bandwidth of the port, set the maximum number of addresses to one and configure the MAC address of the attached device. Port security with sticky MAC addresses provides many of the same benefits as port security with static MAC addresses, but sticky MAC addresses can be learned dynamically.

If you enter a write memory or copy running-config startup-config command, then port security with sticky MAC addresses saves dynamically learned MAC addresses in the startup-config file and the port does not have to learn addresses from ingress traffic after bootup or a restart. Because the device is not directly connected to the switch, the switch cannot physically detect a loss of port link if the device is disconnected. Upon receiving a host presence TLV notification of a link down on the IP phone's data port, port security removes from the address table all static, sticky, and dynamically learned MAC addresses.

The removed addresses are added again only when the addresses are learned dynamically or configured.

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The show mac-address-table command displays the unauthorized MAC addresses, but does not display the state of the bit. Port security removes all secure addresses on the voice VLAN of the access port. Configures the encapsulation, which configures the Layer 2 switching port as either an ISL or Note A port in the default mode dynamic desirable cannot be configured as a secure port.

Optional Sets the violation mode and the action to be taken when a security violation is detected.

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When configuring port security violation modes, note the following information:. Note The truncated switching mode does not support the port security rate limiter. Port security examines all traffic received by secure ports to detect violations or to recognize and secure new MAC addresses.

Tweaking Port Security

When the shutdown violation mode is configured, traffic cannot enter the secure port after a violation has been detected, which removes the possibility that violations might cause excessive CPU load. When the protect or restrict violation modes are configured, port security continues to process traffic after a violation occurs, which might cause excessive CPU load.

Configure the port security rate limiter to protect the CPU against excessive load when the protect or restrict violation modes are configured.

Catalyst 6500 Release 12.2SX Software Configuration Guide

When configuring the port security rate limiter, note the following information:. The rate limiter is applied to traffic both before and after a security violation occurs. Configure a value high enough to permit nonviolating traffic to reach the port security feature. To configure the maximum number of secure MAC addresses on a port, perform this task:. When configuring the maximum number of secure MAC addresses on a port, note the following information:.

To enable port security with sticky MAC addresses on a port, perform this task:.

Router config-if switchport port-security mac-address sticky. When enabling port security with sticky MAC addresses, note the following information:. When configuring a static secure MAC address on a port, note the following information:.

Port-Security Theory & Operations

This example shows how to configure a MAC address When the aging type is configured with the absolute keyword, all the dynamically learned secure addresses age out when the aging time expires. I was needing to implement some of these features this week.


Thanks for the write up. Something to keep in mind: The switch port where the routers are connected will see two separate mac address from that port. If the port is set to MAX 1 then the port will err-disable. There's an issue with VoIP phones or any other swich and port security that's caused us some interesting problems in the past.

Prerequisites for Port Security

A user would connect to their device to a port behind a VoIP phone. At this point the switch would learn their devices MAC address and tie it to the port. If that device is then unplugged and moved to a different port on the same switch, the switch will not properly pass traffic to the new port.

This was an issue for us even without manually or sticky MAC addresses. Normally this wouldn't be an issue as the switch would forget the MAC once link went down. However with a VoIP phone in place the link never went down. We resolved this by putting in an inactivity timer to automatically age out old entries.

Port Security -

Good article on the basics of Port Security. I've recently had to use this to provisionally secure ports from rogue end-user points and it worked well. Certainly port-security isn't the end all be all I was faced same problem. I solved this by setting age to 1 minute. I think with these 4 things installed you have secure enough environment without paying for One important "gotcha" to remember when configuring port security, no matter how you configure it, you still need the "switchport port-security" command with no parameters to enable it.

For instance, I see this all the time:. So many times I've been told that port security was configured, only to find that it wasn't enabled with the generic version of the command. If you want to use HSRP with port-security and keep to the default of one MAC address per switchport you can use the following command on the routers:. Thanks for the article. We use it as hexem mentioned - as protection against MAC flood attacks. In fact, that's what the Cisco chaps were advising at Networkers this year for the reasons covered above. Here is our edge port port-security config:.

Be aware that sticky mac addresses do not expire, hence the errdisable ports cannot auto recover if sticky mac addresses are enabled. I have configured one port in a x series with the following commands and the Voip phone was showing " configuring IP address". Also remember that if you are using sticky, you need to make sure your WRITE your config after all addresses are learned. Otherwise, if the switch loses power, all ports will dynamically relearn new mac's when it comes up.

Interesting paper about port security: Hi, grrreat site. I'm going for CCNP switch and found this on the site which i'm following for a long time.